What a sensational headline!  It’s ridiculous, right?  Well, surprisingly, it holds a nugget of truth for millions of aging athletes (like me) who are trying to maintain physical activity and fitness well into our 40’s, 50’s and beyond. That, in a nutshell, is why I recently joined a heart study at UBC looking into the risk […]

(and why it was never quite the same after that) When David Letterman signs off for the last time on May 20th, it’s going to suck in a very big way and a part of my youth will disappear with him.  But I won’t despair!  Late night television is in very good hands.  Still, I’m […]

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In just over 3 weeks, you will go from being my only to my oldest. You’re excited but I worry you have no idea what you’re in for. Still, I know you can’t wait to be a big sister, especially since you’ve been begging us for a…

The first image of the spill I saw was this one, when I turned my phone on as I do every morning to check what people are talking about on Twitter. It’s not a great habit, but it’s an unfortunate requirement of my job.  I saw the jagged, rainbow-colored ribbons emanating from a large freighter, indicating […]

    I just finished watching an eviscerating critique of speed-limit policy and the media’s coverage of traffic accidents related to speed.  Titled “Speed Kills Your Pocketbook”, it was posted on Jalopnik.com, a car-lovers website I generally enjoy even though some of it’s writers are too snarky. Downright mean in some cases.  Not @MattHardigree, but […]

My Dad’s shop broom may have been the greatest teaching tool ever invented.  It had a long wooden handle that screwed into a wooden brush and it probably cost about $3.99 at Canadian Tire when my dad bought it a couple of years after dust was invented. That thing had splintered and cracked in a […]

It was a story about a shoe. My early exposure to Mike McCardell’s story-telling brilliance happened nearly 20 years ago when I was producing and anchoring the weekend news in Calgary. We always looked for something interesting on the network feed, and often prayed that Mike had done something that would resonate with our viewers […]