April Fool’s Day

So here it is… April 1st.  It’s a special kind of irony that on this day, April Fool’s Day, I write my first ‘blog’.  It’s also entirely appropriate.

Believe me, I have tried to resist.  I have seen blogs, social media and other forms of digital expression as a kind of “over-sharing enabler”.  A way for otherwise clear-minded and thoughtful people to engage in the inane and uninteresting.  I’m pretty sure, through my use of Twitter, I’m one of them.  But this… this ‘blog’… I promise will not be that.  And eventually I’ll even drop the quotes.  This blog (see I did it!) will, I hope, provide something separate and different from what you get from me when you watch the News Hour on Global BC.  I am the anchor of the News Hour and have always felt the show stands well on its own.  But in the information age, there is always the thirst for more.  Most nights, approximately half a million people are watching.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  If you’re one of our viewers, I thank you for your trust and dedication.  Hopefully here, you will find some things that are the opposite of inane and uninteresting.

If you don’t, I’m a fool.


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